5 New Year’s Resolutions with a “Twist”

Let’s face it – New Year’s Resolutions can be a bit discouraging, especially when you look back on the trainwreck of last year’s goals. Usually they fade away by the second week of January, if not earlier, and it can be tempting to not even bother.

So here’s some “resolutions” that will not only be easier to keep – they also come with a twist! They’re not about putting a certain habit into place but about making YOUR year more meaningful and empowering you to make an impact for people who are homeless and struggling with poverty. You don’t even have to spend time figuring out how to help – we’ve made a handy list for you!

Be warned…some of these might surprise you. Here’s our top 5 resolutions that will make your year more meaningful!

Resolution #1: Throw a Massive Party

Don’t be shy about celebrating yourself, especially if you use that celebration to benefit others! We’ve never been more aware of the waste we produce, so instead of asking for presents for your birthday, considering going green and asking your loved ones to rally with you to support people in need. Create a Share Birthday campaign to transform the celebration of one more year around the sun into actually providing meals, shelter, summer camp and support for families who need it the most, by people making a donation in your name.

Resolution #2: Share a Smile

That homeless person you pass by each day? Try smiling at them! Because people on the street are ignored and avoided countless times each day, they often deeply appreciate that human connection. A smile is so easy. And the dignity of a smile that says: “Hello! I see you” can sometimes be more valuable than the change in your pocket. You might really make someone’s day!  

Resolution #3: Extend Your Life by Volunteering 

Does your wallet feel lighter after all the Christmas shopping? You can still impact someone’s life this year by giving your time. Studies have shown that people who volunteer live longer and are generally happier. Volunteer with Union Gospel Mission’s life-saving programs, including their Mobile Mission Rescue Vehicle in the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver. Head out in a van stocked with survival gear for the cold weather, hot drinks and food to give to those who are sleeping out under bridges, in tents and other out-of-the-way places. Get on board the long-happy-life train! 

Resolution #4: Buy Groceries for People You Think May Be Struggling 

It’s amazing how the smallest of gestures can have a massive impact. People having a tough January behind closed doors – like your neighbours, seniors, or single parents in your neighbourhood – might not even be able to scrape enough money together to put food on their tables. Buy groceries for those you think might be struggling so that they will not only feel full and satisfied when they go to bed at night, but their hearts will be warmed by your little act of kindness – all packaged up inside a simple bag of groceries. 

Resolution #5: Find a More Fulfilling Job 

Maybe the new year is not just about making little changes and offering acts of kindness – but this year you are ready for big life shifts and transformations. 2019’s over baby, it’s time for 2020! Well one incredible way to make a massive impact this year is to come work for UGM – where each and every day you get to wake up and make a difference. With jobs ranging from everything to accounting, outreach, fundraising, counselling, kitchen, maintenance or social enterprise – feed hope and change lives for men, women and children all across Metro Vancouver. Check out our positions online!

And there you have it! Now go make a difference this 2020.

Written By: Rachael Allen