Together, We Transform Communities –
One Life at a Time

As we embrace all of the infinite possibility that 2018 holds for Union Gospel Mission, we also reflect on the issues and challenges the people of our close community faced this past year and how, with your generous donations, we were able to reach out, respond and demonstrate Christ’s love through effective programs that transform communities… one life at a time. So with a humble heart, we thank you.

What we so gratefully accomplish is only made possible by the support from people like you. Our donors. A community of people, family, friends and neighbours, who allow us to serve over 800 meals each day across Metro Vancouver; run transformative Alcohol & Drug Recovery programs; provide safe and protective sanctuary for vulnerable women and their children; open up our doors to offer comfort, coffee and a kind word; be there with emergency support when a family needs it most and so much more.

We invite you to take a moment to watch our 2016-2017 Annual Report and share in the hope that your compassion has made possible.

God Bless,

William B. Mollard

Teresa Black Hughes
Board Chairperson

Because of You...

315,233 hot and nutritious meals were served at UGM

26,393 nights of safe shelter were provided to men living on the streets

192 safe and clean units of affordable housing were provided by UGM

1,115 referrals to critical programs and resources were made last year by UGM’s outreach workers

60 men and women completed UGM’s Alcohol & Drug Recovery Program

2016-2017 Fiscal Year in Review

Donations & Income

Expenses & Designated Funds

All statistics and outcomes in this annual report are from Union Gospel Mission’s Key Performance Indicators reports for the July 2016 – June 2017 fiscal year. Audited financial statements can be viewed at Download 2016/2017 Annual Report PDF.

A Vision for Tomorrow

At Union Gospel Mission, hope is not a wish we make, it is a step we take. It has direction and definition. Hope is not a dream, it is a goal, an objective and a driving force. It is a prayer, a passion and a purpose.

As the challenges that face our community continue to grow, so does our hope. In the last year, we have witnessed another significant increase in homelessness; more individuals and families struggling to find safe, clean housing, yet we have hope. A lethal opioid epidemic in the form of fentanyl spreads throughout our communities, yet we have hope. Extreme weather conditions that have exposed people living on the streets to bitter cold and suffocating heat, yet we have hope.

At UGM it is our vision and our prayer that hope remains at work, every day and in every life we touch.

Hope renewed Richard’s life. Hope offered Jessica a life of possibility. Hope opened Terry’s life to connection and healing. It is within these stories of hope, and many others, that we find our vision.

Entering into 2018, Union Gospel Mission looks toward significantly increasing our ability to serve women and children in need through the dedicated and purposeful construction of our new Women & Families Centre. We are committed to expansion of our women’s and men’s recovery programs and services, ensuring that every man and woman, at every stage in their journey, has access to recovery and new life. We have a renewed focus on the development of safe, clean and affordable housing, building on the strength of our core competencies, values and faith.

It is only with your support that we have seen lives changed and it is only with your continued kindness and generosity that we can continue to serve and to offer hope where it is needed most in our community. It is with deep gratitude that we thank you for making a difference.

One life at a time.

Thank You

Every year, you help people overcome poverty, homelessness, and addiction. Thank you for making a life-changing difference with Union Gospel Mission.