Common Questions about Donations

Q: How can I update or change my monthly gift?
A: Thank you for being a part of our Hearts for the City Monthly Donor family! To set up a new monthly gift or to make changes or updates to an existing monthly gift amount or payment method, please contact our Monthly Giving team at 604-215-5440 ext.375 or email [email protected]

Q: How can I change my mailing address?
A: To change your mailing address, please call our Gift Processing team at 604-215-5440 ext.533 or email [email protected] with your new address and contact information.

Q: What happens when I make an online donation?
A: First of all… thank you! Once you’ve made an online donation, you should receive an email message from UGM confirming your gift within a few minutes. Be sure to check your junk mail. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please give us a call at 604-215-5440 ext.533. Charitable tax receipts will be mailed to the address you have provided to us.

Q: I made a mistake on the donation form! How can I cancel the donation?
A: If you would like to cancel a donation or are having any other problems making a donation, please give us a call at 604-215-5440 ext.533 or email [email protected].

Q: When do I get my receipt?
A: Due to Covid-19, we are currently experiencing delays in mailing out tax receipts. One-time donation receipts will be sent out within 3-4 weeks of your gift. Our Hearts for the City monthly donors receive consolidated receipts for all the gifts they have made within a calendar year, which are issued before the end of February of the following year. If you prefer one receipt per year for all donations, our Gift Processing team can make that change for you. Please contact 604-215-5440 ext.533 or [email protected] to update your preferences.

Q: Where does my donation go?
A: Your gift transforms lives in our community! With each donation, 75% goes straight back into UGM's transformative programs and services and just under 25% goes towards administration and development. This is well within CRA guidelines for Canadian Charities. You can view our Annual Report and Financial Statements to learn more and see the impact you make in our community.

Q: Why do I get so much mail from UGM?
A: Because your partnership is an important part of our mission, we send mail to keep you updated on our current needs, new programs and stories of lives changed. We sometimes send additional mailings to invite people to join our donor family as well. If you would like to reduce or change the amount of mail or email you receive from us, give us a call at 604-215-5440 ext.358 or email [email protected]. Please note: Updates to mailing preferences can take 8-10 weeks to come into effect.

Q: Can I come visit UGM?
A: In order to minimize the risks of transmission and to protect our guests and community, we are currently not hosting any tours at UGM until further notice. Thank you for your interest in learning more about our programs and service. We hope to be able to welcome you through our doors soon! To arrange a future tour date, please contact us at 604-215-5440 ext.533 or fill out our online form.