Camp Sparks Hope

Brooke’s beaming smile and gentle demeanour are a rarity to find, especially in teenagers who’ve overcome the hurdles in life that this 18-year-old has.

Brooke grew up in Vancouver’s Eastside, born to parents who struggled with personal addictions to drugs and alcohol. “Honestly, before I went into foster care, I didn’t even realize what they were doing,” Brooke explains. Shortly before her third birthday, Brooke entered foster care, and was taken to live with a family in the Lower Mainland—a time she remembers fondly. “That was a really good environment,” she recalls. “We lived on a farm—it was just a fun place to be and even though I missed my parents, I felt safe, loved, and cared for.”

If it wasn’t for camp, I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today.

During those two years, Brooke was introduced to God, attending church and Sunday school with her foster family. Shortly after returning to live with her father, a return to addiction left him in a coma in the hospital for two months. “It was really scary,” Brooke admits. Thankfully, after recovering, her father left his addictions behind—allowing him and Brooke to rebuild their relationship. Today she describes him as one of her biggest supporters and best friends.

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