Changing Lives Through Outreach

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” –John 10:11

Time and time again, I hear a similar phrase. Whether it’s from an A&D Program graduate, a Cornerstone guest, or a staff member, the refrain is similar: “UGM has become my family.” Wow.

Family can be a loaded word, evoking memories often cherished, and sometimes painful. Yet I think, when someone expresses that UGM is their family it’s because they’ve found a community where they feel safe, secure, and loved.

As fall descends upon Vancouver, and Thanksgiving approaches, family is at the forefront of our minds. At UGM, the holidays give us a unique opportunity to connect with guests in family-like settings. Our Outreach team is instrumental in extending this hand up to hope that is essential in the colder months.

You are a part of our family too. Because of you, this fall those who need it will find a place of safety and dignity.

God bless you this Thanksgiving,

William B. Mollard

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