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As a teenager, alcohol and drugs were a constant thread in Mike’s life. Mike was highly social, and a star athlete. To him, partying was part of the package.

Soccer dominated Mike’s young life, and he spent his teens and 20s travelling the world, playing goalkeeper for prestigious high-level teams. “In my soccer playing days, I didn’t have to work or anything. Everything was just there for me,” Mike explains. “I was well taken care of. There was lots of partying, alcohol, and cocaine—it was a team thing. We’d win and our manager would just buy us drugs so we could party. This one stretch we didn’t lose for three years.”

The alcohol and cocaine that fuelled the team’s celebrations eventually resulted in Mike turning to crack cocaine regularly to experience a more intense high. His high-speed lifestyle came crashing down as Mike aged out of playing soccer—losing a valuable support system, and the only life he knew. Holding a job became increasingly difficult with his drug addictions. “All of a sudden I was by myself,” he reflects. “There was nothing there anymore. What I had when I was playing—everything being taken care of—all of a sudden it was gone.”

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