A Message from the President

A Message from the President

Seventy-five years ago, a man named Bob Stacey opened Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver. He was just 21 years old but, like you and I, Bob’s passion was sincere. Confident in Christ and devoted to building hope for those in need, Bob shared his vision. Word spread quickly and, not unlike today, people came alongside UGM with overwhelming support.

From the very beginning, Union Gospel Mission has been a team, a community of hope and provision. And you, our generous supporters, are the backbone of this team. Your compassion and conviction—our shared belief that everyone deserves love, that a hand-up truly does feed hope, and that people can transform their lives—is so inspiring.

Because of you, UGM has grown in scope and impact over the past 75 years. Today, your support helps serve over 800 much-needed meals every day—that’s 740 more daily meals than when UGM first started! Together, we continue to transform communities affected by poverty—one life at a time.

I am so thankful for the lives of UGM’s guests and am increasingly inspired by the hard work they put in to transform their circumstances. Today, we are delighted to share Melissa’s story of hope and transformation with you. As you read this issue of Gratitude, join me in reflecting on UGM’s rich history of lives changed.

With gratitude, 

William B. Mollard

It Felt Like Family

It Felt Like Family

Melissa’s Story

When you see Melissa and her family today, you would never know that just three years ago they were homeless and facing an uncertain future. In the video below, Melissa shares her story by giving us a glimpse into life today.

Melissa and her family are now housed, healthy and happy. “When we first moved into this home, we were so overwhelmed by all the space,” she says, reflecting on her transition from homelessness. She now dreams of helping others escape the cycle. “Now that I have learned all that UGM does, I want to be a part of it.”

Help someone start fresh this Easter

Help someone start fresh this Easter

$3.29 gives hope to someone in need

As Union Gospel Mission’s staff and volunteers prepare to serve over 2,500 meals at this year’s Easter feast on April 4, we find ourselves reflecting on this tradition. It’s something UGM does every year—a vital rite that brings hope to so many. But why do we practice this restorative rhythm each spring? With a Christ-centered hope, we have a chance to offer new life to others as they work hard to overcome poverty, homelessness, and addiction. And we couldn’t do it without you.

Every $3.29 that you give feeds someone who’s looking for a hot, hearty meal. But as you know, a meal at UGM is more than just a good feast. An Easter meal at Union Gospel Mission is about offering someone a fresh start. At this year’s Easter feast, vulnerable men and women have the chance to connect to UGM’s compassionate counsellors, knowledgeable outreach workers, and life-changing programs. I invite you to participate in Union Gospel Mission’s rich history of feeding hope! This year, help us continue to celebrate hope, and give a connection that could change a life.

It only costs $3.29 to provide someone with an Easter meal they won’t soon forget. Please join our tradition of feeding hope. Your kindness matters. Including a personal Easter greeting with your gift can do so much to lift a dampened spirit.

Each message of hope will be handwritten on a placemat and shared with our guests. A few kind words can go a long way!

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