President’s Message

President’s Message

“Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.”
1 Thessalonians 2:8

This verse always reminds me of UGM’s continuum of care.

When someone comes to UGM for support, our primary goal is to help that person develop a stable, independent life. But through our relational programs—from case management to counselling—we end up sharing life, whether for a year or forever. Mike’s story (below) shows how our continuum of care—from first meal to fifth sobriety anniversary—is a progression of just that: life together.

When we hear stories of housing found or recovery achieved, we tend to hear this beginning reiterated: “I came to UGM for a meal.” Miracles might begin with a meal, but a good feast won’t transform a life on its own. Lives change because compassionate counsellors, invested donors, and recovery alumni share “not only the Gospel of God” with guests and residents, but their lives as well.

Sharing life: I mull over this importance whenever I hear the Christmas story—the story of Christ’s life shared with us. We are wired for relationship, aren’t we? UGM’s programs are designed to reflect this human fact. Few people can overcome poverty, homelessness or addiction on their own. But because of you, UGM can serve thousands of meals this Christmas, each of which could be the start of a meaningful life together.

Merry Christmas,

William B. Mollard

Mike’s Story

Mike’s Story

Re-Building Life Together

Mike is a strong father, a skilled builder, and a valuable leader. But four years ago, he didn’t feel able to identify as any of these things. “By Christmas I’d hit my bottom. I’d lost touch with everyone,” he shares. “So I came to UGM for a meal.” In the video below, Mike takes us back in time to that same Christmas, four years past. Come and see how hard he’s worked to re-build!

Your gift changes lives like Mike’s. Remember, just $3.29 provides a warm, hearty meal for someone in need. How many meals will you give this Christmas?

For just $3.29, <br>Miracles Begin with a Meal 

For just $3.29,
Miracles Begin with a Meal 

For someone struggling with poverty, homelessness, or addiction, a hot and hearty Christmas dinner could be just the hand-up they need. This Christmas season, we expect to serve over 50,000 meals to men, women, and children in need. With your help, we’ll be able to provide our guests with even more. When you provide a nutritious feast, you’re giving someone a conversation with a caring outreach worker, a connection to a compassionate counsellor, and a place to belong. Together, let’s give the gift of life restored.

Mike, who shared his story above, remembers his first meal at UGM: “When you’re down and out and have nothing, a hot meal is incredible. But you know what’s more important? The people who work around that plate. That’s what drew me in here four years ago: the way people talk to you like a human being. I can’t say enough good things about these Outreach Workers.”

For just $3.29, the meal you provide can deeply impact a man, a child, or a whole family right here in Metro Vancouver. Thank you for giving with big hearts so that someone else can re-build their life! And remember, your $3.29 could change a life.