Read Brent’s Story

“I wanted to start giving to a cause,” Brent, a 37-year-old Surrey resident, explains, “but I wanted to support something local, something on the smaller side.” Every weekday Brent sky trains past UGM in New Westminster on his way to work. Curious, he visited to find out what we do.

Brent grew up on the West Coast, so it was important that he supported something near his roots. He also felt a desire to help people experiencing poverty or hunger, and so, after learning more, felt drawn to this work. “I never graduated high school,” he explains. “I have my GED, but I feel fortunate to work the job I do with the education I have.” Financial stability is something he worked hard to get, but he knows how easy it is to struggle. “I’m from a large family. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up,” he shares. “When I was in my late twenties and on my own, I had to use food banks, and ended up on social assistance a few times. I guess I just want to give back and support people who don’t have a lot of resources, because I’ve been there.”

On a recent visit to UGM, Brent got to tour the facilities and eat a hot beef stroganoff dinner. “It was so neat to learn that meal guests receive all these other things too, like socks and toothbrushes. I thought I just donated to the meals, but I now realize that it goes to a lot more.” Brent illustrates an important point: every time you provide a meal, you help us introduce people to UGM’s continuum of care.

“Helping people re-build and get back on their feet is important to me,” Brent clarifies. That’s one of the reasons he’s a Hearts for the City donor, providing a myriad of life-changing supports on a monthly basis. Hearts for the City donors like Brent provide consistent support, which makes sustainable change possible. We’re so grateful for the community of generous Metro Vancouverites who help UGM feed hope and change lives. Thank you!


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