Mothers Day: Celebrating Our Superheroes

Vancouver Mother's Day: Kerry

While things sometimes feel like they’re falling apart around us, there’s a hidden group of women silently and resiliently holding us all together with their superhuman effortsour moms. As we approach Mothers Day, there are two things they desperately need right now: to be celebrated for their everyday heroics and for us to be there for them when they need it most! 

Mothers Day: Kerry Smiling

Kerry is one of these unsung heroes. Not only is she dealing with the normal stressors that often come with being a single mom on a fixed income, like not having easy access to childcare and relying on schools for daily meals for their kids. But on top of that, she’s also trying to manage being a mom during COVID-19, a truly insane job. Stress is heightened with schools closed, kids home 24/7 with pent-up energy, grocery store shelves sparse. Her family’s needs are greater and stretched tighter: finances, food, toilet paper, and “just everything.” It’s not easy being a mom right now.

Mothers Day: Kerry Worried About Groceries

Kerry doesn’t mince words when she says that being a mom during a global pandemic with a pre-teen daughter sometimes “drives her crazy!” while she’s facing staggering obstacles to put food on the table. She can’t really explain how she’s coping, because it’s a matter of just trying to get by each day. 

Through it all, Union Gospel Mission is responding to meet the surging needs of moms like Kerry by providing 500% more food hampers and gift cards to alleviate stress and provide emergency support. It’s exactly what Kerry needs: “It means the world to us because you know it’s extra food that we couldn’t afford to get in the hamper every week, it’s awesome! It gives me peace of mind knowing that we’ve got something comin’ in right? And it’s hard to go get groceries so it kinda helps a lot.”

Mothers Day: Kerry With Groceries

This support means everything to Kerry. Not only is it stepping in the gap to make sure her family isn’t going hungry during a crushing crisis, but it also means she even gets to take an occasional bubble bath, something that every mom deserves especially right now!

“It feels amazing to know that you guys, you got our backs, right? Us single moms, you got us.” 

This emergency support is also giving Kerry a chance to actually enjoy Mother’s Day! Her face lights up when she thinks about it, because for her, not only is it a day to celebrate being a mother, “even though every day’s good to be a mother” she says with a laugh, but on Mother’s Day her daughter goes out of her way to reminder her mom how special she is. It’s a day that holds a special place in Kerry’s heart, reminding her of Faith, who gave her her most important role in her life – being a mom.

Mothers Day: Proud Mom Kerry

“[My daughter] is my heartbeat. Getting up and seeing her beautiful face every day is my motivation as a mom during COVID-19.”

Kerry’s message to moms this Mothers Day is one that we think describes her to a T: “Be a superhero! You’ve got this!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

You can help struggling moms like Kerry this Mothers Day, by providing a food hamper for $80. Please give generously at