Alcohol & Drug Recovery

Born and raised in East Vancouver, Lloyd was first introduced to heroin by a friend, but what began as experimentation grew into a powerful addiction. Over time he grew more isolated from others in his drug use, doing things he didn’t want to do and feeling hopeless to change his life circumstances.

These experiences fuelled his addiction for several years, eventually pushing him into homelessness. Lloyd lived under the Knight Street Bridge for almost a decade, struggling to quit and collecting bottles to sustain his drug use.

Eventually many of his friends had gone to recovery and Lloyd found himself all alone. “All of the sudden it hit me,” he explains. “‘Am I going to die from loneliness out here?’ At 52, I’m crying out to God, ‘I need you man, I don’t know what to do!’ That night I cried myself to sleep.”

In desperation–and just one month before Christmas–Lloyd left his tarp and came to Union Gospel Mission to enter the men’s Alcohol and Drug Recovery Program. Recovery has transformed Lloyd’s life. Now more than one year sober, he is working full-time, volunteering his time to help others and reconnecting with his family.

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