Children & Teens Ministry

Brooke grew up in Vancouver’s Eastside, born to parents who struggled with addictions to drugs and alcohol. Shortly before her third birthday, Brooke entered foster care—a time she remembers fondly. During those two years, Brooke was introduced to God, attending church and Sunday school with her foster family.

Thankfully, Brooke’s father left his addictions behind, allowing Brooke to move back in with him and rebuild their relationship. Today she describes him as one of her biggest supporters and best friends.

In the years that followed the positive memories Brooke had of church never left her. When she had the opportunity to attend camp through UGM’s camp sponsorship program, Brooke and her father were thrilled. Like many low-income families, attending camp simply didn’t fit the family budget.

Brooke remembers loving the heart-racing thrills of ziplining during her week at Camp Qwanoes, but what struck her the most were the relationships she formed during that first summer.

“It’s a great opportunity for kids to get away for a week and learn about God, and just have fun,” she shares. “If it weren’t for camp, I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today. In that way, it’s really changed my heart.”

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