PHOTO 101 is a photography exploration of the Downtown Eastside co-facilitated by Kevin Clark and community beautifier, photographer and all around cool person, Leah Gregg.

Every Tuesday for six-weeks, clients working through various programs at UGM explore different areas of the neighbourhood with a HOLGA and a roll of medium format film and we strive to capture the beauty around us.

Throughout the workshop, students learn to express themselves through photography, develop immensely as artists, and share their stories in healthy, meaningful ways. To learn more about PHOTO 101 feel free to contact J at

PHOTO 101 would not be possible without these fabulous local businesses:

Photos from previous Photo 101 Participants

The images you see below were the final selections for our 2011 and 2010 art show, Uncovering Vision, as part of the Eastside Culture Crawl (we selected one image per photographer).


Algorithm by Don

CLOSED by Liam

Crossing the Edge of Time by Brian

Don't Fence Me Inby Bruce

Hidden Wispers by Jeff

Hypnopomic State by Ian

Untitled by Chris

Untitled by Quinn

Untitled by Wade


An Eternity Of Knowledge by Quinn

Dancing Thru The Weeds by Ian

Double Sight by Bruce

Electric Eggplant Orchestra by Darren

Mystery Night by Mei

That Resonating Emotion by Don

The Street at Twelve-Million O'Clock by Liam

True Spirits by Brian

Untitled by Catherine

Untitled by Lucy