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Union Gospel Mission discusses impact if Canada Post mail strike hits Vancouver

Vancouver, BC—Union Gospel Mission, one of Vancouver’s larger Downtown Eastside charities, says that if June’s mail strike hits Vancouver, it will affect their organization—significantly if the strike becomes long-term.

“Union Gospel Mission is unique from most other charities on the Downtown Eastside,” says Bill Mollard, UGM President.  “While most others receive their funding through the government UGM is primarily funded by the public, with most of those donations arriving by mail.”

Over 87% of UGM donations are sent via mail, while 9% are received online and 3% over the phone. “Obviously, being dependant on the majority of our donations coming via Canada Post to deliver  shelter, food, recovery services, counselling, and lifeskills to those most in need is concerning,” says Mollard. “Certainly if Vancouver gets hit with the strike and the Fall draws closer without a resolution, we will have increased difficulties.”

Mollard says, however, that Vancouverites can proactively make a change to help lighten these potential issues and service interruptions.

“As the public becomes more computer-savvy, we see a steady increase in number of people switching to online donating. Obviously as the generations mature, that trend will continue. So we’re just asking people who have the ability, to consider making that switch now instead of later on our secure donation page at”

Coupled with the switch to online giving, Mollard encourages Metro Vancouverites to consider becoming the most cost-effective, efficient kind of donor—a monthly one.

“Monthly commitments allow organizations to plan ahead and make more informed decisions about what they can commit to,” says Mollard. “This stability enables more cost-effective, long-term planning and solutions. Monthly commitments also help us understand donor intentions better.  This enables the donor to set the terms under which they want to communicate as well as it reduces mail and saves money.”

Union Gospel Mission has been reaching hungry, hurting, and homeless men, women, youth, and children for over 70 years. Through its 8 locations in Metro Vancouver and the city of Mission, UGM provides counseling, education, safe housing, and alcohol and drug recovery to those struggling with poverty, homelessness, and addiction. The heart of the mission is to demonstrate God’s transforming love, ease the burden of the most vulnerable, rebuild the lives of the broken, and offer dignity to those who feel cast aside. UGM is a proud member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities. To find out more, visit


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