In UGM’s Alcohol & Drug Recovery Programs, men and women have the opportunity to re-build their lives. Our live-in recovery programs offer freedom from addictive lifestyles, equipping each person with the tools to live a healthy life long after leaving UGM.

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Men’s Recovery

In order to help men walk in new life and reach their recovery goals, UGM offers a structured and comprehensive Alcohol & Drug Recovery Program. UGM’s A&D Recovery Program is strategically and compassionately designed to help men who want freedom from addiction re-shape and re-build their lives.

You’ve given me a second chance at life. God is in this building. – Paul

Women’s Recovery

No woman should have to transition to recovery without compassionate support. At Union Gospel Mission, we help women navigate that threshold.

Lydia Home 
At Lydia Home, women struggling with addiction receive time, care, and support to help each woman transform her life. Compassionate staff and gifted counsellors come alongside women as they build a future that’s founded on hope and freedom from addiction.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary provides a temporary home for women who want to work towards recovery, but who aren’t quite sure how to navigate that path just yet. During their stay, women struggling with addiction receive support as they consider a recovery-centred life. Providing compassionate one-on-one counselling, UGM is able to tailor each woman’s stabilization journey to her unique needs.

When I walked through the doors at Lydia Home, they promised me that for as much pain as I was feeling, I would eventually feel equal amounts of joy. Promises mean a lot to me and this promise came true. – Jennifer

Second Stage Recovery

Care and support is essential every step of the way. Upon graduating from UGM’s A&D Program, men are celebrated and encouraged to remain at UGM, where they’ll receive compassionate, deliberate attention that guides them towards their next steps. Whether it’s the support of community, continued counselling, or UGM’s Employment & Education opportunities, our continuum of care is designed to help men thrive in this second stage as they continue to re-build their lives.

Since coming to Union Gospel Mission for recovery over two years ago, my life is the best it’s been in a long time. Honestly, UGM saved my life. – Dave

One-on-one Counselling

Men and women who participate in any of our Alcohol & Drug Recovery Programs receive one-on-one counselling from UGM’s professional, compassionate counsellors. Our counsellors equip each person with intrapersonal awareness, healthy life skills, and the tools to transform their circumstances towards new life.

Classroom Sessions

At the heart of every classroom lesson, workshop, or counselling session is the desire to equip men and women with essential life skills. Classes taught at UGM cover a range of topics such as self-assessment, anger management, career prep and more. We teach life skills that range in practical application, each sharing one common goal: to help men and women maintain their recovery, so that they can continue to walk in hope.

Employment Services & Career Development

Work is essential to overcoming poverty.  But too often, the people we walk with have struggled to keep jobs that did not fit their strengths.  This cycle can breed discouragement, de-railing people as they strive to live healthy, sober lives.  At UGM, we address this issue by equipping people with the tools to discover themselves and opportunities around them. Residents in our Alcohol & Drug Recovery Program and the community at large can access UGM’s one-on-one Career Development sessions.