Gifts of Hope

Frequently Asked Questions


What is UGM’s Christmas Hamper Store?

UGM’s Christmas Hamper Store, a redesign of our previous Christmas Hamper Program, aims to alleviate the stresses of the holiday season for low-income families in a dignified, empowering way. When parents sign up to receive Christmas support, they have the opportunity to attend financial and wellness workshops, find volunteer opportunities in the community, and will then be able to shop for free in our Hamper Store.

Our Christmas Hamper Store will be open for one week right before Christmas. Participants will have an appointed time to visit our store, where they will select children’s gifts, household items, winter clothing, and grocery gifts cards for their families, at no cost. We will then offer to wrap their gifts and give them a ride home with their packages. Their families will have a hamper best suited to them, and we will build lasting relationships with families that can continue into the New Year.


What is the purpose of redesigning this program?

Our purpose for the Christmas Hamper Program redesign is to empower participants by equipping them with the tools and opportunities to provide a memorable Christmas experience for their family. Survey results from our community show an eagerness to develop financial literacy and to earn an extra income over the holidays with the overall goal of applying these new skills and experiences to long-term development.


How can I help?

Support a family, senior or single in our community by donating completed packages of gifts and gift cards, based on the guidelines on our website. If you wish to stock our Hamper Store, we will email you with a guided list of items based on a sample family, to ensure our store is well stocked when families visit. Fill out the form on our website, or feel free to contact [email protected] for more information.

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