Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering

Q: Is there a minimum age requirement to volunteer?
A: UGM is happy to provide younger folks with the opportunity to volunteer. The minimum age to volunteer is 12 years old, with no exceptions. All applicants under the age of 19 may require adult (parent or guardian) supervision while volunteering.

Q: What is the minimum time commitment per month?
A: Time commitment varies per opportunity, with some being more flexible than others. Some opportunities require a shift every week, some just once or twice a month.  

Q: I’d like to volunteer regularly. What are the steps?
A: We have a 4-step process to become a volunteer at UGM:

  1. Participate in volunteer orientation;
  2. Complete volunteer application;
  3. Attend an interview at UGM
  4. Complete a criminal record check and reference checks

All of these steps must be completed before any reoccurring volunteer shifts are scheduled.

Q: Why do I have to go through all these steps just to help out?
A: Because our guests are vulnerable adults and children, we must get to know the volunteers who will be coming into contact with them.

Q: Can I volunteer just once?
A: Yes, many volunteers do a one-time “guest volunteer” shift without going through our regular volunteer intake process. Please let us know when you’re generally available, and we’ll be happy to try and place you in an open shift.

Q: Can I just drop in to volunteer?
A: UGM cannot accommodate “walk-in” volunteers. We have been blessed with an abundance of volunteers who faithfully serve on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Since our opportunities run on a specific schedule, and due to working with vulnerable guests, we must know in advance who will be volunteering.

Q: I have a group of people who want to volunteer together – can we do that?
A: Yes, we can accommodate groups of various sizes here at UGM. Based on the size of your group, volunteering options may be limited. Please include the number of people in your group; the ages of the people in your group; and when you group is usually available to volunteer. Please be as specific as possible for the quickest and most accurate response.

Q: What’s the difference between a practicum/tailored placement and regular volunteering?
A: Practicum/tailored volunteers positions are placements where clear goals are set and regular evaluations are done.  These placements may be personal or to fulfill a school requirement.

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