Why The Best Jobs in Vancouver are Non-Profit Jobs

Picture this: you groggily roll out of bed and begin getting ready for work with coffee in hand, when you notice something is suspiciously absent from your usual morning routine. Somewhere between breakfast and the front door, the realization slowly hits you that, unlike your typical work day, your feelings of apathy and reluctance are completely missing. Instead, strangely enough, you feel excited—even hopeful.

The change? You’re now actually working in a job that brings you fulfillment, opportunity, and work-life balance. You work for a non-profit, and your job could very well be one of the best jobs in Vancouver!

Reason #1: You Have More Fun

Studies reveal that non-profits are actually the job market’s best-kept secret! Your work is interesting and you get the chance to do what you love surrounded by a team that encourages you to strive for your best. It’s true— the International Journal of Business & Management found that an astonishing 80% of non-profit employees say they have fun at work! #dreamjob

Reason #2: You Better Harness Your Skills & Grow Professionally

Working at a charity also empowers you to use your unique strengths and skills to create impact and grow professionally at the same time. A Brookings Institute survey of non-profit jobs found that almost 70% of non-profit respondents get to spend their working hours doing what they are good at, compared to just 46% in the corporate world. Non-profit staff are also far more likely to feel that their work is meaningful. Even the most mundane tasks take on meaning when you realize that you’re an integral part of improving another person’s life.

Reason #3: You Have a Better Work-Life Balance

Not only do you come to work to make a difference, but you also often have a better work-life balance! Depending on your role, you likely won’t be expected to take work home with you or feel pressured to stay late. The Business & Management study found that over 70% of non-profit employees say that their jobs enable them to have a work-life balance and can encourage a healthier lifestyle.

But not just the stats! Real people who work at non-profits like Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver say the same thing:

“UGM has given me an opportunity to use my gifts and talents towards a REAL solution that is helping people change their lives, one person at a time. I see people overcoming unbelievable odds every day. It is even more meaningful to see the light in the eyes of donors who thank me for giving them the opportunity to do the same. I’m proud to work at UGM. I’ve grown so much professionally since I’ve started here!” – Jessica, Senior Development Officer, Corporate & Foundations

You can be an integral part of a fun, meaningful and flexible non-profit workplace that transforms communities when you join #teamUGM! Don’t let your dream job stay in your dreams. Wake up to it every morning at www.ugm.ca/jobs.


Written By: Rachel Allen