Inspiring Stories of Women to Read this Women’s History Month

The month of October is full of amazing events, celebrations and fall colours, but it’s also Women’s History Month in Canada. So let’s take time to celebrate women and it starts with reading this blog post! 

Here at Union Gospel Mission, we know that women are strong, inspiring, resilient and can create lasting impacts for themselves, their communities and even the world! We’ve journeyed alongside many women as they overcome barriers like homelessness, poverty and addiction – and we’re always inspired by their strength and perseverance. You probably know one, or many, incredible women as well! Or maybe you are eager to learn about more female movers and shakers! 

To rejoice and learn more about incredible women who have created rippling change, we put together this list of inspiring stories, books, and documentaries for you to enjoy. Share this post with a strong woman in your life! 

Read stories of women who’ve overcome adversity and changed history:

Janice’s story: “My whole life was nothing but a tragedy,” aren’t words you ever want to hear someone say. But for Janice, looking back gives her incredible gratitude for where she is today. Since coming to UGM’s Sanctuary, Janice has overcome the vicious cycles of homelessness, addiction, and abuse that once controlled her. Today, she is using her gifts to help other women and mothers reclaim their lives, too.

Katrina’s Story: After losing all hope for herself, a miracle happened — giving Katrina the strength and determination to overcome addiction and poverty for good. Today, she has embraced community, sees life in a new light, and is empowered to continue building a bright future.

We are so excited about our new Women & Families Centre opening this fall – it is run by women, for women and children. Generations of families will experience life changing opportunities. 

And if these wonderful stories of local female heroes have inspired you to keep reading, here are more amazing stories about incredible Canadian women who’ve helped change history!

Feel inspired watching some really amazing videos about women changing the world: 

Buffy Saint-Marie is one of the most incredible women in the Canadian music scene. She’s been rocking the music for over 40 years, and shows no sign of slowing down. Watch some of Buffy Saint-Marie’s incredible music videos.

Photo by Trevor Brady

Often, Black and other racialized women are overlooked in lists talking about Canadian women who changed the course of history, when they have been some of the most outspoken and effective changemakers we’ve seen. Spend time learning about 4 Black Canadian Women Who Changed History here.

This YouTube Playlist of Canadian Women in History has 45 videos, including The Anishinaabe Woman who Walked for Water Rights, L.M. Montgomery (the writer of Anne of Green Gables), Kenojuak Ashevak who introduced Inuit art to the world and more!  

If you’re hoping for something more short and sweet, head here to learn about 6 Important Women in Canada 

Women have been changing the world since time immemorial. There is no question that they are important and essential members of any well-functioning community. That is why UGM believes in investing in women, because we know their incredible value.


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Written By: Nicole Mucci